WCBS Morning News "2 Crew" Promos

In late September, 2004, the WCBS TV early morning news program launched new promo spots for their show featuring some of the puppet cast of AVENUE Q. The Lyon Puppets also created portrait puppets of their anchors, Shon Gables, Mario Bosquez, and Dave Price.
2 Crew puppets by Rick Lyon Rick Lyon and puppet Mario
Above, the WCBS 2 Crew puppets of Dave Price, Shon Gables, and Mario Bosquez, and Rick Lyon with puppet Mario.
Mario Bosquez and puppet Mario
Dave Price and puppet Dave
Above, Dave Price meets puppet Dave and John Tartaglia, and Mario Bosquez poses with puppet Mario,

The promos featured Kate Monster, Rod, and Nicky from AVENUE Q at home watching the WCBS morning show with the real Mario, Shon, and Dave, and the puppet anchors on the WCBS morning news set. The puppeteers were Stephanie D'Abruzzo as Kate Monster and Shon, John Tartaglia as Rod and Dave, and me, Rick Lyon, as Nicky and Mario. Jennifer Barnhart also puppeteered Nicky with me, and assisted all of us with right hands, etc. These promos also marked my debut as a jingle singer, with all of us puppeteers singing the promo theme song, which was a variation on the AVENUE Q theme.

Building the puppets with me were Vanessa Gifford, Deborah Glassberg, Tim Lagasse, Michael Schupach, and James Wojtal.


All Photos from Private Collection of Rick Lyon
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