The Ripmeisters!

The house band for recording the musical soundtracks for my live puppet performances has come to be known as The Ripmeisters. The bandmembers are me, Jim Ream, and John Lynch. Below are some photos of me and my fellow Rippers taken the weekend of Feb. 6, 1999 during our latest recording session, doing new music for my "Three Little Pigs" show.

Rick on Alto Saxophone

At left, my Ripmeister debut on saxophone. Saxophone was actually my major my first year at Penn State, but it saddens me to say I don't play much at all anymore. Mostly, I write the tunes, which John and Jim help arrange, and play the keyboard parts. More of Ripmeister Rick

At right, John playing drums, his main instrument. John is the recording engineer for these sessions, too -- we record at his place in Pennsylvania, using his studio gear. More of John

Jim on Electric Guitar

At left, Jim playing his sweet new "Tennesseean" guitar, which made its Ripmeisters premiere at this session. Jim plays lead and rhythm electric guitars, acoustic guitar, and bass. More of Jim

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