I've enjoyed being a puppeteer for several feature films, mostly performing animatronics. Click on the names of the film projects below to find out more about each one.

CORN (2003 Release?) Psycho sheep attacking nice people like Jena Malone.

MEN IN BLACK  Starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. 1997's #1 film. Available on Sony Home Video and a limited edition DVD that was released in 2002.

THE NEVERENDING STORY III This international co-production was shot in Berlin in 1993. Was released on Warner Brothers home video in the U.S. Now on DVD.

TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLES III  The four "Heroes on a Halfshell" go back in time to feudal Japan. Now on DVD.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II  The Turtles battle Shredder's evil mutant henchmen. Now on DVD.

MUPPETVISION 3-D This is an attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida, and also at Disney's California Adventure park. It's one of the most effective 3-D films ever made, and Jim Henson's last major project.

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