In July of 1998, I was involved in a TV pilot produced for Comedy Central called "Half Hour Network." One of the show's segments is "Feelings," a satire of soap operas, with marionettes as the lead characters. I designed, coordinated, built, and puppeteered for this project.

Above, two views of the character Alec, who I puppeteered.
alec alec close up

It was a frantic build -- the crew of people working with me and I built 9 marionettes in 11 days (honest!). The heads were first sculpted in plasticene, then covered with a papier maché shell, which was removed and put back together. I sculpted the hands and feet from Sculpey. The torsos, pelvises, and legs were jointed wood, and the arms were stuffed fabric. To complicate things, all the puppets had to have moving mouths, and 2 of them had to undergo costume changes, which meant re-stringing the puppets mid-shoot! Eesh!

To view more photos of the marionettes, click on the links below.

Mr. Dottridge Mrs. Dottridge
Trenton The Cow
Kyle The Hunk

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