Bush and Kerry Puppets

On September 30, 2004, the day of President Bush and Senator Kerry's first televised debate, the AVENUE Q crew was busy spoofing them with a live "rally" in Times Square and appearances on TV. I made Bush and Kerry puppets, and performed Bush. The Kerry puppet was performed by Jennifer Barnhart. Before the rally in Times Square, we appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America," staging a bit of our own puppet debate, moderated by GMA's Robin Roberts. It was good silly fun, and the GMA people were all terrific. The rally in Times Square was not quite so much fun, as it rained throughout and drenched us all, but the media coverage was amazing.

Jen Barnhart, Puppet Kerry, Diane Sawyer, Puppet Bush, and Rick Lyon
Charles Gibson, Puppet Bush, and Rick Lyon

Above left, GMA host Charles Gibson with me and Puppet Bush, and above right, Jennifer Barnhart, Puppet Kerry, GMA host Diane Sawyer, and me and Bush. Below, the AP photo from the rally that went out all over the planet.

AP Kerry and Bush puppets photo

The puppets were designed and built by me, with Vanessa Gifford, Deborah Glassberg, Tim Lagasse, Michael Schupach, and James Wojtal.


All Photos from Private Collection of Rick Lyon, except that AP photo.
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